When you track your information in Corporate Focus, you’re in good hands. More than 200,000 companies are already tracked in the system which makes it the leading, cloud-based system for managing equity and compliance information of privately-held start-ups and emerging growth companies. It makes it easy for CFOs, lawyers, clients, and other stakeholders to access their own information and documents when they need it. No searching. No emailing. No waiting.

The Need: Centralized Equity Information Management

Centralized equity information management means having a single resource for all the important data and documents over the course of the “life” of a business. What we refer to as “from start-up to exit.” As any emerging company grows, gets investors, and hires more employees, the complexity of its capitalization and other related compliance information grows too. That’s why you want to have it all in one place where it can be shared by all stakeholders.

  • Start-Up

    Initial Consents
    Founder Shares
    Federal IDNumbers

  • Growth

    Ongoing Meetings
    Additional Shares
    Stock Transfers
    Annual Reports

  • Financing

    Due Diligence
    Preferred Stock
    Stock Option Plan
    Closing Binders

  • Exit

    Due Diligence

The Benefits: Efficiency, Accuracy, Sharing

Collaboration is Easy

Why do you want to have all of your information in one place? You’ll stop wasting time tracking changes to your ownership records, manually updating capitalization spreadsheets, and searching for minute book documents. You’ll be more confident that you have the best answers since you’ll have instantaneous access to a broader more accurate set of information with little risk of error. And, best of all, you’ll be able to offer self-service, direct access to your entire stakeholder team so everyone can see the information at the same time without emailing each other for copies or waiting for an answer. Learn More

Getting Started: Easy As 1-2-3

Since Corporate Focus is hosted, there’s no software to install and it’s easy to get started. Take a look, let us know what questions we can answer, and give it a try. It’s that easy.

  • Take A Look

    Watch a short product video.
    Register for a 30-min. public webinar.

  • Get Going

    Sign Up for a live demo.
    – Get answers to your questions.
    Request an order form.
    – With our 30-day no risk guarantee.

  • Get Started

    Import existing data from spreadsheets.
    Schedule live instructional session.
    Enter data and run reports.

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