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What Does the Future Law Office Look Like?

Over the past few years, there has been less legal work to go around. More work is being done by in-house legal departments, and lawyers are looking for ways to provide better client service. Continue reading More

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Don’t Let This Happen to Your Wife – or to Your Best Client

When we first walked into one of the top hospitals in America for a small procedure for my wife, I was thrilled to see a computer keyboard with a flat-panel screen on a rolling cart beside my wife’s bed. However, … More

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Electronic Minute Books – Indy Bar Association Presents

Recently I, along with Jeremy Hill, Partner at Bingham McHale LLP, and Ike Willett, Associate at Baker & Daniels LLP, participated in a panel presentation that centered on why law firms should move to electronic minute book systems such as … More

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Survey: Client Satisfaction Linked to Higher Billable Rates and Growth

For years now, law firms have struggled with the all-important question: How exactly does better legal service lead to a better bottom line? Lawyers historically have been less concerned with “customer service” in the traditional business sense and more focused … More

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Fixed-Fee Package for Start-Ups Offers Capitalization Tracking

Earlier this year, one of our law firm customers, Andrews Kurth, LLP, came up with the novel idea of adding a fixed-fee “Start-Up Organization Package” to its legal service offerings. According to Alan Bickerstaff, a partner in the firm’s technology … More

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When It Comes to "Standard" Legal Services Like Equity Management, Clients Want More for Less

In his keynote address at the International Legal Technology Association’s 2009 conference, Richard Susskind, one of the leading legal thought futurists and author of the book “The End of Lawyers,” presented the simple point that law firm clients “want more … More

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Corporate Hygiene: It's Kind of Like Brushing Your Teeth, But with a Different Kind of Payoff

Let me ask you a question: Do you brush your teeth every day? Or just the week before a dental check up? Imagine if the only time your teeth were brushed was twice a year at the dentist. It wouldn’t be a … More

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