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Equity Compensation Reporting Terms. Ever Wish There Was a Handbook On That?

Every day, we hear from CFOs and others who are responsible for equity compensation reporting that they wish there was a resource that made it easier to understand and look up a few calculations, terms, or disclosures related to ASC … More

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Just How Easy Is Your Equity Accounting? Survey Results Say: Not So Easy After All

On July 18th, Corporate Focus hosted a new live webinar called: “Straight Talk on Stock Option Expensing Under ASC Topic 718: Variables, Expensing and Disclosures … Explained.” A recorded version of the presentation is now available for download. This webinar … More

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Straight Talk on Stock Option Expensing Under ASC Topic 718: Variables, Expensing and Disclosures … Explained

Since the introduction of ASC Topic 718 (formerly FAS 123R) in 2006 for privately-held companies, proper stock option reporting, expensing and disclosures have been a challenge for many early-stage companies with employee stock option plans that need to report in … More

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New White Paper: Five Steps To Simplify Your Stock Option Reporting and Expensing

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend a lot of time and resources on their equity reporting. In fact, for most privately-held companies, stock option reporting and expensing probably doesn’t feel like a critical part of running and … More

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Stock Option Expensing Under ASC Topic 718 – Explained.

As companies scramble to pull together their year-end financial statements, emerging-growth companies often leave equity compensation reporting to the very last minute. But to report their numbers to investors and auditors, any company that has an employee stock option plan … More

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FAS 123R – Part 3: FAS 123R Reporting Disclosures … Clarified

Learn what a typical, privately-held, venture-backed company needs to understand to properly report equity compensation expense related to “plain vanilla” stock option grants Continue reading More

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Can Law Firms Really Simplify FAS 123R Reporting for CFO Clients? Think One Shared System.

Corporations depend on their CFOs to report “the numbers” each period. But what happens when these numbers are based on data that’s being tracked at the company’s law firm instead of internally? When a company is initially formed, all of the … More

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Option Plan Documents Still Control: Read the Cliff Notes at Your Peril

I recently came across an article by John L. Utz of Utz, Miller & Kuhn, LLC that does a great job of reinforcing the importance of reading an employee’s stock option agreement or the plan documents. Although the article itself is … More

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