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Corporate Focus – It’s About People

I recently read Bill Taylor’s post It’s More Important to Be Kind than Clever in the Harvard Business Review Blog. The last paragraph makes a very important point “…just make sure all their efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of … More

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What Does the Future Law Office Look Like?

Over the past few years, there has been less legal work to go around. More work is being done by in-house legal departments, and lawyers are looking for ways to provide better client service. Continue reading More

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Starbucks Barista and Two Step CEO Agree: It’s the Customers That Make It All Worthwhile

I was at Starbucks the other day, chatting about the unseasonably mild weather with my favorite barista, Mark. Out of pure curiosity, I asked him if the customers seem nicer as the weather improves. After all, who doesn’t prefer coming … More

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Printing Stock Certificates? Here's One Simple Way to Make Your Life (Much) Easier

In the past few weeks, I’ve met two corporate paralegals who have been using our product, Corporate Focus, to track minute book and capitalization information for many years. Because they’re each tracking upwards of 1,000 client companies for their firms, they … More

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The Legal Market Revolution is Happening Today? With or Without You

I’m a big fan of Paul Lippe’s legal column for The Am Law Daily called “Welcome to the Future” and have been reading it regularly for the past six months or so. I noticed that the final paragraph of his … More

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There's a New Sheriff in Town: Clients Are Driving Greater Law Firm Productivity

Over the past year, a perfect storm of events has brought legal fees under scrutiny like never before, affecting both law firms with skyrocketing new associate salaries (some reaching $160,000 per year) and clients facing hourly attorney rates as high … More

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