Scanning Files for Optimum File Size

The time it takes to download and upload documents is highly dependent on your internet connection. If you have a quick connection, uploading docs of most sizes is going to be quick. If you have a slow connection, it will take longer to upload even smaller documents.

In either case, there are a few things you can do as you scan your documents to reduce the file size of your document.

Some tips:

  1. If your documents do not contain any color charts or pictures that you want to retain the color, you can optimize file size by scanning your documents in Black and White (not color) at a resolution of 200-300 DPI. That creates a file with good resolution for viewing and printing, and a reasonable file size.
  2. If you use a photocopier or networked copier/printer to scan your docs, check its default settings. Many copiers come from the factory with default presets intended to impress you with its high-resolution capabilities–600 DPI and full color scan. These settings create needlessly large files for most text-only documents. Use color scanning only when necessary for the documents being scanned.
  3. Break very large documents into sections and upload the sections separately (“file 1 of 3”, “file 2 of 3”, etc. or “Pages 1-50″, Pages 51-100” etc.), but attach all of them to the same document record.
  4. If it’s a regular sized document that has many exhibits, you can separate the exhibits from the main document and upload them separately, but attach all of them to the same document record (e.g., “Series A Purchase Agreement”, “Exhibit 1: Co-Sale Agreement”, etc.). I normally scan the “Exhibit” page along with the file, so the first page is a description of what’s to follow (“Exhibit A: Commercial Lease”, etc.).
  5. Using full Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) or other PDF file generator such as Nuance, Optimize the PDF to reduce its file size prior to upload.

Note: It is important though that you OCR your documents to take advantage of the full text searching in Corporate Focus. This will add some size to the document, but is definitely worth it.

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