How to Void a Ledger record

Scenario: An incorrect ledger entry was made that should not be shown on the ledger.
You don’t want to have a gap appearing in your ledger’s ID numbers for audit purposes.

Solution: The goal is to have a record that contains no information except that it was issued in error and voided immediately You will make a number of edits to the record to remove all other information.


  1. Select the affected record.
  2. View the Record History. If there are other dates in the transaction record after the original create date, use the section’s rectangular edit button to edit each date and change the Transaction Date to the Create Date.

    Edit the Record History

  3. To edit the ledger record, click the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the Name field, change the name of the owner to Void. If the name does not exist in your database, use the Add link to the right to add the name.
  5. Change the number of shares to zero.
  6. Remove any participant information that may be shown. Click the Down arrow on the drop-down list and then select the blank at the top of the list.

    Update the Fields in the Basic Data Section

  7. Now go to the Details section by clicking the Next arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Remove all data from the fields except the Date of Issuance. The Date of Issuance is required, it cannot be deleted.
  9. Enter the Date of Disposition as the same date as the Date of Issuance.
  10. Enter the Basis of Disposition as Void.

    Update the Fields in the Details Section

  11. Work through the remaining screens, removing all other data from the record.
  12. Click Save to save the changes made to the record.

The result of these changes is an empty ownership record that shows it was issued and immediately voided. The empty record will appear on ledger reports.

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