How-to View or Edit Authorized Share Changes

As of Corporate Focus Version 6.6, you can see and export information on the changes to authorized shares over time.

For example, if your Common Stock was initially authorized for 1 million and is being increased to 2 million, you would make that change by doing the following:

  1. Open the Ownership Types screen.
  2. Select the Common Stock record and then click Edit.
    Add Ownership Types screen
    Figure 1. The Ownership Types screen

  3. Change the number authorized from 1 million to 2 million.
    The Ownership Type Basic Data tab
    Figure 2. The Ownership Type Basic Data tab

  4. Click Save. (You do not want to change the date created.)
  5. You will get a pop-up asking you if this is a correction or legal change. Select Legal change and enter the date the increase occurred.
    The Legal Change/Correction pop-up
    Figure 3. The Legal Change/Correction pop-up

  6. Click Ok.

You will now be on the summary screen for Common Stock.

  1. In the quick links on the left, click Record History.
    Quick Links section
    Figure 4. Quick Links section

  2. Just above the list of audits click the text Historical Authorized Summary. This displays the list of changes made to the authorized shares over time.
    The Record History tab
    Figure 5. The Record History tab

  3. You can click Export to generate an Excel file with this information.

Of course, this works for all equity types (Common, Preferred, Options, etc.) that are tracked in Corporate Focus.

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