How-To Show Outstanding Only on Ownership Report


How to run a report showing only outstanding ownership records:

  1. On the Reports tab, locate the report you want to run.
  2. Click the report name link to open the Parameters screen.

    Click the report name to open the Parameters screen

  3. In the upper right-hand corner of the report parameters screen, click the Advanced Filter link.

    Click the Advanced Filter link

  4. The Advanced Filter dialog box opens (see the link for more information on using Advanced Filters).
  5. On the Quick Link panel at the left, click Details.
  6. In the Fields panel in the center, click Outstanding.

    Set the parameters for your filter

  7. In the selection panel on the right, click Yes.
  8. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.
  9. Preview the report.

    Click to preview the report

The result of running this filter is a list of ownership records that have the Outstanding check box checked. Ownership records that are not outstanding are not displayed.

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