How-to Attach a Previously-uploaded Document to a New Record

You can attach a document that was previously uploaded to Corporate Focus to any other record, or multiple records, in your database. In fact, it’s best not to upload the same document more than once, which can bloat your data storage and create document version problems.

Sometimes finding previously uploaded documents can be more of an art than a science – much depends on how the document was named when it was first uploaded. That’s why we recommend that you to check the name while it’s still attached to the old record.

To do this you may want to first look at the document where it is currently attached and follow its link to the Document record (click on the blue link to the document–it will take you to the document profile in the main Documents list). Make a note of its document name so that you can find it using the Browse function in the Attach Document section of the new record.

Follow these steps to find and attach any existing document, from the list of all documents in Corporate Focus, to a different record:

  1. Create a new record or edit the record to which the existing document will be attached.
  2. Under Quick Links, click to open the Attach Documents section.

    Select the exisiting document

  3. Select the radio button for Select Existing Document.
  4. Click Browse. A dialog box appears with a listing of all the documents in your database. At the top of the dialog box, click Advanced.

    Click Browse, and then open the Advanced filter

  5. There are two ways to find documents–specific targeted document or a list of documents from which to choose:
    1. To find a specific document, enter a portion of the name of the existing document into the Search Textbox . (You made a note of its name before starting this process.) A single word, if it’s unique, is enough.
      1. Select the radio button next to Pattern Match, and click OK.

        Select 'Pattern Match' for this search, and then click OK

      2. The Documents list screen now displays only those documents that contain the word you typed into the search box in step 5. Hopefully the document you want is in the list (you may have to refine your search)

        Hover to view a full document name

      3. If the entire document name is not visible in the first column, hover your mouse over the name and a yellow popup shows you the whole name of the document.
    2. To find a list of documents already pertaining to a particular company, do the following:
      1. Under the Quick Links on the left panel, select Related Data.
      2. On the center panel, choose Related Company.

        Search by related company

      3. On the right panel, find and select the name of the company, and then click OK.
      4. A list of all the documents related to that company is displayed.

        Choose from the list of documents, and then click OK

      5. Navigate to the desired document, select its radio button, and then click OK.
  6. The selected document is added to the document list in the record that is being edited.
  7. Click Save to save the changes to the record.

How-to find a document you just uploaded, so you can cross-post it to a different record:

  1. In the Advanced Filter dialog, instead of searching for a name as in step 5(a)(i) above, select Record History in the Quick Links panel on the left.
  2. In the center panel, select Uploaded On.
  3. In the right panel, enter the Specific Date the document was uploaded, or a Date Range if you are not sure of the upload date.

    Find a document to cross-post to a different record

  4. You can narrow the list further to documents uploaded by you. Selecting Uploaded By and then select your own name from the list on the right.
  5. Click OK.

How-to move a document from one record to another:

Once you are satisfied that you have the correct document attached to the record, you can detach it from any other record. Edit that record, find the document in the Documents section of the record, click Detach, and then re-save the record.

How-to update a document to a new version:

Sometimes it’s necessary to replace a document that has already been uploaded. Perhaps the wrong document was inadvertently uploaded, or you may have uploaded an unsigned draft and now want to replace the document with a fully signed copy.

  1. Locate the document in the Documents list using the techniques above.
  2. To open the document record for editing, click Edit.

    Select a document for editing, click Edit

  3. Click the button to Upload New File.

    Click the Upload New File button

  4. Click the Choose Filebutton.

    Click the Choose File button

  5. Find the new document that you want to upload in place of the old document.
  6. To upload the new document, click OK.
  7. Click Save to save your changes to the document record.
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