Favorite Reports for Stock Plan Administrators

Corporate Focus comes with over 150 different reports for reporting on the ownership and corporate information of your company. This list includes the reports most commonly used by the stock plan administrators of Corporate Focus to report detailed equity information.

Running these reports is as easy as:

  • Click the Reports Tab at the top of the screen
  • Select Ownership from the quick filter drop-down in the top right-hand corner
  • Select the Report you want to run
  • Set the appropriate Report Parameters
  • Click Preview
  • Once you’ve run the report, if you think you’ll be using it again, simply click the star to make it one of your Favorites.
  • All reports can be exported in a variety of formats. Most ledger reports are best exported to Excel.
  1. Ownership Ledger – Details. A chronological list of every ownership record, its Basis of Issuance (why it was issued) and, if not still outstanding, its date and Basis of Disposition (what happened to it).
  2. Ownership Ledger – Details by Name. Based on the Ledger Details report, it subtotals the amount of equity held by each Owner name. This report also displays a percentage owned, which is useful when running this report for a company with just Common Stock. However, the percentage displayed may not reflect fully diluted. If you are looking for a fully diluted percentage, run the Cap Table by Name.
  3. Ownership Ledger – Amount Paid. This is the easiest way to see the cost basis for ownership records. (See also the Ownership Ledger – Fair Market Value Report.)
  4. Convertible Note Ledger – Details. Everything you need to see about your Promissory Notes, with interest accrued.
  5. Warrant Summary. Displays the details of individual warrants.
  6. Option Personnel Summary. Displays the details of individual options.
  7. Shareholder Statement. Suitable for sending to your stock owners. Can also include warrants and notes on the same statement. Not suitable for options, as it does not show vesting information. (For options, use the Optionee Option Status report).
  8. Option Plan Summary. This report displays a rollup of the status of option plan(s) and can be run with a summary cover page of multiple plans rolled up together, with detail pages for each plan. It’s also a very quick way to see the weighted price of your options across your plans.
  9. Confirmation of Exercise. Suitable for sending to an option holder who has exercised shares and needs to retain the information for financial and tax files.
  10. Closing Statement. Suitable for sending to an option holder who has terminated employment. Details of shares exercisable, price and deadline for exercise to avoid cancellation.
  11. Option Ledger – Weighted Averages. Provides the summary and details of weighted options by price.
  12. Cap Tables. Unlike the previous reports which are run in the Reports section, cap tables are run by selecting your company and then going to the menu item Ownership–>Cap Table by Type or Ownership–>Cap Table by Name. The Cap Table by Type shows the Ownership Types as a percentage of fully diluted. The Cap Table by Name breaks it all down by Owner Name, and can be grouped by Owner Type and also by Beneficial Owner.
    Don’t forget that you can click Export at the bottom of the page to export the cap table to Microsoft Excel with all formulas intact.
  13. Stock Certificates. As a bonus, Corporate Focus can print out stock certificates for your company. Corporate Focus ships with multiple forms of stock certificates that you can use. For a complete list of all the certificates included, see Stock Certificate Template Sample.

All of these reports can also be customized. Contact Corporate Focus support for more information on how reports can be customized.

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