Corporate Focus Announces New Release with Important Option Accounting and Compliance Features for Privately-Held Companies


Needham, MA – November 12, 2012 – Corporate Focus, the leading cloud-based equity administration, accounting and compliance system for privately-held companies, today announced the release of Corporate Focus Version 7.2.  It includes important new accounting and compliance features, such as mark-to-market expensing, quarterly true-ups and automated 100K and Rule 701 warnings, that make it even easier and faster to generate accurate ownership and option expensing reports.

“Fast-growing, privately-held companies have a unique set of equity reporting requirements as they pass through the early stages of growth when cash is limited and equity awards are offered to investors and consultants,” said Gary Levine, CEO and Founder of Corporate Focus.  “We know these companies need a system and a support team that is entirely focused on their success, connecting the stakeholders in the private-company ecosystem at every stage in a company’s life-cycle.”

The latest enhancements to Corporate Focus include:

  • Non-Employee Expensing using the mark-to-market method to take the necessary account expense for non-employees, as specified in ASC 505-50.
  • Quarterly True-Ups that allow companies required to report on a quarterly basis to take true-up adjustments to their expense for actual vesting and forfeiture events in each reporting quarter.
  • Automated 100K ISO Limit and Rule 701 Warnings that enhance existing Corporate Focus reports, making it easier to comply with IRS limitations on ISO grants and SEC exemptions for stock option plans.

These new enhancements, available to all customers next week, add to the system’s existing set of comprehensive equity administration, accounting and compliance features, including:

Customers rely on Corporate Focus to consolidate their equity administration, accounting and reporting requirements in a single solution.  “I believe that the right way to manage the equity reporting process is to have a properly structured system that can grow with your company, rather than to rely on spreadsheets and filing cabinets,” said Carol Lustenader, Co-Founder and Partner at Thomas Wood Professionals. “Ultimately, I chose Corporate Focus which is a very well-organized system that comprehensively covers our needs for capitalization tables, expensing, reporting and document tracking. Corporate Focus has the right understanding of what CFOs at privately-held companies need to best manage their equity reporting process.”

For more information about Corporate Focus Version 7.2, visit or call (800) 223-8900.

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About Corporate Focus. Corporate Focus is the leading cloud-based equity administration, accounting and compliance system for privately-held, emerging growth companies. Since 1995, Corporate Focus has helped finance and legal professionals take control of their equity challenges by delivering faster and more accurate results, reducing compliance risk, and sharing information more easily. By replacing multiple, error-prone spreadsheets with a centralized, automated and secure equity reporting system, growing companies save time and money as they manage increasing levels of complexity. No matter the equity event faced, Corporate Focus is backed by an experienced and knowledgeable support team who helps our customers navigate through every stage of the business life cycle, from start-up to exit. For more information, visit:

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