How do I Create the Substitute Participant Form 3921 Using Corporate Focus?

Use these instructions to submit 3921 for you company to the IRS under Section 6039 of the IRS code. Continue reading More

Self Hosted Customers – Windows Update Issue

Earlier in July 2012, Microsoft released security update KB2698365. Once installed on the Web Server, users will no longer be able to access Corporate Focus. It is recommended that this update not be installed until this issue has been resolved. For more details … More

How do I deselect all my favorite companies?

It takes 2 steps to deselect all of your favorite companies. Continue reading More

Can I limit the companies a user can see?

Corporate Focus users can see one company, a handful of companies, or all companies. Continue reading More

How do I run Valuation Reports?

When running valuation reports to provide your auditors, there are two primary reports you should run. Click Reports. In the filter drop-down in the top right-hand corner select Valuation and Expensing. Click Valuation Disclosure. The Parameter screen then opens: Click … More

Does Corporate Focus support my browser?

Corporate Focus can be used with any of the popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For more information, see our Optimal Browser Settings document.

How do I change my password?

When you are logged into Corporate Focus, go to the Setup screen. Click the password button on the bottom of the screen. This allows you to reset your password and challenge question.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, you can always click on the “Forgot your password” link on the login screen. After answering your challenge question, you are prompted to create a new password. If you do not remember the answer to … More

Why can’t I attach a document?

If you are getting the error message “File cannot be found” when trying to attach a document, the first thing to check is the Trusted Site settings in your internet browser. Make sure the following links have been added as … More

Can I download all of my documents at once?

Yes. If you are planning on downloading multiple documents, you can use the Document Export process. Once you are logged into Corporate Focus, click on the Documents tab in the top right corner. From here, click on the Document Export menu option, and you will be guided … More

How do I attach a document?

Documents can be attached to many different types of Corporate Focus records. Once attached, you can view information about the attached document from a record’s summary screen. Attaching a document can be done when adding or editing a record. Navigate … More

How do I schedule a training session?

To schedule a training session, please submit this form. If you are new to Corporate Focus, check out the Getting Started Center to find answers to your questions.

How do I calculate ‘Vested or Expected to Vest?’

The number vested or expected to vest is a two-part calculation. The vested portion is the amount of exercisable options as-of the current reporting date. The calculation of expected to vest relates directly to how Corporate Focus applies a forfeiture … More

I accidentally added a duplicate name. How can I fix this?

If a duplicate name record exists, you can merge the duplicate record with the correct record. When you merge a duplicate record, any related data for that record, such as officer assignments and ownership records, become associated with the merge … More

What if I need a specialized report?

If you need to have changes made to a report template, you can submit a custom report request to Please include a sample of the report layout in your email. Once it is reviewed, you will be contacted by … More

Why can’t I edit the jurisdiction organized?

When adding a new company to Corporate Focus, the information gets separated into two screens: Company Basics and Jurisdictions. The Company Basics screen includes the basic details about the company, including the name and address information. A jurisdiction record is also created on … More

How do I Upload Form 3921 to the IRS FIRE System?

Once you have generated the electronic form 3921 from Corporate Focus, use these instructions to electronically file the form with the IRS. Continue reading More

How do I Submit Form 3921 Electronically Using Corporate Focus?

Use these instructions to submit 3921 for you company to the IRS under Section 6039 of the IRS code. Continue reading More