Vantage Point Advisors

“For our privately-held company clients, Corporate Focus is very easy to use and ideal for their stock option expensing and reporting needs. Our firm interfaces regularly with our clients’ auditors and we’re always able to produce the reports, documentation and back-up we need to keep the audit running smoothly. When we’re under a tight deadline, we don’t have time to wait for answers and the Corporate Focus support team never makes us wait. Across the board, Corporate Focus has been a highly responsive and knowledgeable partner that is committed to helping us keep our clients happy.”

-Celeste Asbury, CPA, Manager, Vantage Point Advisors

Thomas Wood Professionals

“In my prior experience at publicly-held companies, I knew all too well the importance of knowing not only the mechanics of stock option expensing calculations, but also how to quickly get my hands on the equity reports and documents I needed. I believe that the right way to manage the equity reporting process is to have a properly structured system that can grow with your company, rather than to rely on spreadsheets and filing cabinets.

In fact, when I joined a start-up, I even looked for an equity reporting system before we had our first option plan in place. Ultimately, I chose Corporate Focus, which is a very well organized system that comprehensively covers our needs for capitalization tables, expensing, reporting and document tracking. Corporate Focus has the right understanding of what CFOs at privately-held companies need to best manage their equity reporting process.”

-Carol Lustenader, Co-Founder, Partner, Thomas Wood Professionals


“The support team at Corporate Focus really knows their stuff. A few months ago, I had to record a new set of grants in the system and they worked with me to make sure that I had the right settings for my volatility and that we accounted for our options correctly. I have experience with the nightmare of working with my equity information in spreadsheets and without a doubt, this system, combined with a responsive support team that knows the reporting requirements inside and out, makes my life much easier.”

-John McGhee, Controller, Vocalocity

Coleman Research Group

“Just in time for our year-end audit, I needed an equity reporting system that I could quickly and easily implement that would take the place of multiple spreadsheets. Not only did I get a powerful and intuitive product, I also got what I think is the best customer service in my 25 years of experience. The Corporate Focus support team is extremely responsive – I never had to wait longer than a few minutes for a call back, and that’s if they didn’t pick up the phone right when I called. When I had my auditors onsite for a week, I knew I could rely on the Corporate Focus support team to help me quickly find the information I needed, right when I needed it.

I would recommend Corporate Focus to any privately-held company who’s looking for a faster and easier way to manage their equity information.”

-Jeffrey Geisenheimer, CFO, Coleman Research Group


“I was in a position where I had to come up to speed on using Corporate Focus in a very short amount of time. During that time, I was really pleased to find that the support team at Corporate Focus is absolutely fantastic. If one member of the team wasn’t available, another member would pick up right where I left off with the first without skipping a beat. They would proactively reach out to me to make sure I was getting the information I needed. They even went above and beyond by getting on the phone with my auditors to answer questions during our last audit. Good customer service is hard to find these days, but I’m pleased to know that I found it with Corporate Focus.”

-Ray Owen, Controller, Edeniq


“After evaluating several products, we chose Corporate Focus to help us with our equity administration, accounting and compliance. With the help and dedication of the Corporate Focus support team, our implementation of the product was a quick and smooth process. We immediately saw the benefit of Corporate Focus in its flexibility and rich feature set, especially when it came time for our annual audit. By being able to grant read-only access to our audit team, I was able to quickly demonstrate to the auditors how to use Corporate Focus and run reports, which freed up my time and resources to focus on mission-critical business.

I would absolutely recommend Corporate Focus to any privately-held company that wants to simplify their stock option reporting and expensing.”

-Monty Allen, Financial Advisor, LensAR

CHR Solutions

“Our experience with Corporate Focus has been outstanding and we’ve been particularly pleased with the helpfulness and deep knowledge of the support team. We made the move to Corporate Focus as growth made our spreadsheets too cumbersome and a pain to manage, plus we wanted to be ready for a future IPO.

Once set up, the support team helped us on a special project to enter and reconcile our valuation numbers and tie it all back to our previous audited financial statements.

The Corporate Focus system and the expert support that stands behind it gives both our company and our auditors great confidence.  I would absolutely recommend Corporate Focus to any private company looking to improve their equity reporting processes.”

-Stan Victor, Head of Investor Relations, CHR Solutions

T-Edward, Inc.

“Having grown up in the CFO ranks, I knew exactly how much time, effort, and energy needed to be invested in stock option administration. My client needed a start-to-finish solution that could simplify the management of equity and compliance information and save them time and money—and that’s exactly what Corporate Focus does.

“This has been extremely helpful for my client, whose capitalization table has grown both in size and complexity. Even if a company starts out with just five investors, that number can increase quickly and exponentially – so it’s worth the effort to get the information accurate, actionable and accessible from the start.”

-Tom Kelly, Managing Director, T-Edward, Inc.

Edge Therapeutics, Inc.

“Corporate Focus is doing everything I wanted the system to do, and then some. Like any other early-stage company that’s ready to grow, Edge Therapeutics had to make the move to audited financials sooner rather than later. That meant we had to bring our stock option accounting in-house, as well as create a process around equity reporting that was repeatable and easily auditable. At the same time, we needed a system with little to no maintenance involved. As we’re too small to employ a dedicated IT staff, we required a system that worked the first time, every time, without draining our resources.

“Ultimately, we chose Corporate Focus over other systems available. And now, we have an equity accounting, administration and reporting system that makes my job, and the job of my auditors, much easier. The document tagging and linking abilities to our equity records provides easy and quick backup for our auditors, and because I’ve given our auditors read-only access to the system, they don’t have to come into our office anymore to look at individual documents – all of the information that they need is right at their fingertips.”

-Bert Marchio, Chief Financial Officer, Edge Therapeutics, Inc.

Global Market Insite, Inc.

“It felt like added work when I’d have to tell our law firm when we had new option grants or if someone was going to exercise. I thought we could streamline the process by just doing it ourselves. I’m kind of hands-on, and I liked the idea of having the information ready when I needed it. Rather than have a paralegal spend billable time getting the answer, I can just look it up myself. And if I’m not able to find what I’m looking for, the support team at Corporate Focus is easy to reach. If I knew of a company that wanted to take over its stock option plan management, I would recommend Corporate Focus without hesitation.”

-Mark Schneider, Deputy General Counsel, Global Market Insite, Inc.

Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.

“We have been using Corporate Focus for our option expensing since January 2008. After working with excel files for tracking our option records, we realized we needed a more sophisticated system and began searching for a solution to meet our FAS 123R – Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation requirements. After assessing four packages, we chose Corporate Focus for our solution. The demos we watched and the prompt answers to our questions convinced us that it was a robust product with a strong support team. Now in our fifth year, we’ve been very happy with Corporate Focus. We have consistently received excellent support and the FAS 123R calculations are a breeze.”

-Sarah W. Jones, Controller, Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.

Gemvara, Inc.

“Having recently assumed the duties of equity accounting and reconciliation for Gemvara, I truly could not be more appreciative of the customer support we have received. My experience has been amazing in terms of knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism. The Corporate Focus team was particularly helpful in terms of walking me through some very complex repurchase, termination, and stock certificate issues where they truly went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me. The dedicated professionals working with us have been thorough and responsive at every step in the process and have even walked us through the more complex calculations for our understanding. In my eyes, Corporate Focus clearly has built a world-class customer service and support organization.”

-Timothy L. Sousa, Controller, Gemvara, Inc

Penny Black LLC

“Corporate Focus is the best software I’ve ever used for stock plan administration and total capitalization management. Once you get the hang of using a centralized system instead of spreadsheets, you can quickly appreciate the power of a system specifically designed for generating complex capitalization tables, looking at information in different ways, and providing access to everyone who needs to see it. We’re putting all of our companies into it and I’ll make sure every company that I’m on the board of uses Corporate Focus as well.”

-Bradford Oberwager, Penny Black LLC

Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, LLP

“Having been a Corporate Focus user for several years at a previous law firm, I was prepared to aggressively lobby my new firm to purchase the system. I was thrilled to learn they already had it in place. The power of Corporate Focus is that it allows me to respond to requests from attorneys and clients faster, update cap tables in a fraction of the time, and track and print stock certificates all from one place. This system truly gives me a complete solution for managing hundreds of entities and saves me hours of time every month. Clients are also very appreciative that they now have access to view their records online and at any time. Corporate Focus provides the peace of mind that our corporate records are accurate and up-to-date which makes my job much easier.”

-Natalie A. West, Senior Corporate Paralegal, Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc.

“When our audit firm became uncomfortable with the use of spreadsheets for our FAS 123R calculations, we looked for a comprehensive system that could provide more than just the typical FAS 123R features, would not be ridiculously priced, and could get us up and running fast. I looked at a lot of solutions, but none of them were capable of supporting all of our objectives at a price point we could afford— that is, until I learned about Corporate Focus.

Listen to the audio quote (1 min 40 secs).

“After seeing the demo, I knew that we had to have this product. In the past, FAS 123R had been a point of contention with our auditors. Now, with Corporate Focus, we can run a few reports, reach agreement among the audit team, and move on. Even the auditors said they loved it! As a result, the time spent reviewing our FAS 123R calculations went from a number of days to a couple of hours. In fact, we believe that the cost of the solution paid for itself in just the audit time we saved.”

-Mark Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc.

OutStart, Inc.

“Relying on a large international law firm to track our stock options had been time consuming and expensive since we constantly found ourselves reconciling the numbers provided by the law firm with those we had in-house. Then, with the new FAS 123R regulations, it was pretty compelling that we needed an automated system that would allow us to maintain accurate control of our options internally.

Listen to the audio quote (2 minutes).

“Corporate Focus fit the bill because it was available as a hosted solution, it was affordably priced, and it had all the functionality we needed. By managing our stock options in-house, we not only realized a major cost savings by reducing the involvement of our law firm, we also saved a significant amount of time and headaches by having immediate access to all the related documentation in one easy to find location. Now, within a day of a Board meeting, we have all the information updated and with greater comfort that it’s all correct.”

-Rob Lubash, Vice President and Controller, OutStart, Inc.

Dart Container Corporation

“With Corporate Focus, we finally have an information management system that works for our legal department, and it’s working extremely well. We know exactly where to go to find the information we need, and can retrieve it in seconds. When you’re managing a hundred entities and all of the related ownership and transactional documents, that type of access is essential.

“Our tax, our treasury, our accounting department and everyone here in legal have all become accustomed to going to Corporate Focus for what they need; it’s become an integral part of how we work.'”

-Stanley Gilhool, Assistant General Counsel, Dart Container Corporation

Iconix, Inc.

“The new levels of complexity related to stock option expensing and pressure from our outside auditors to quickly automate our systems played a key role in our decision to implement an on-demand solution from Two Step Software. Now, we are able to better prepare for the next audit cycle and collaborate more easily with our business partners without having to be concerned with ongoing software maintenance, system upgrades, or scalability.”

-Bob Zager, Chief Financial Officer, Iconix, Inc.


“For some start-ups, the idea of producing capitalization tables is kind of traumatic. They know they are supposed to have them ready, but have diffculty getting them together. Previously, producing cap tables would involve managing a lot of spreadsheets that are never stable, because the data has been re-entered multiple times and the danger of error is always present.

Using Corporate Focus, you can view the cap table in multiple formats, so investors can see who the participants are and what form of participation they have. All the data is there and easily accessed. Corporate Focus has really become a client development tool for our firm.”

-George Halsey, Owner, GRH Law

Shulman Rogers

“We have a lot of clients with very complex capitalization. Very often, we are asked to determine the voting rights or valuation issues based on the cap table that we maintain in Corporate Focus. The system becomes invaluable when we need to figure out fully diluted capitalization numbers. What’s really great is that if there are questions about particular records, we have the final documentation right there, linked to each stock ledger entry, just a click away.

“We now make a concerted effort at the time of a transaction to get the information into Corporate Focus immediately—because it saves so much time later.”

-Max Masinter, Attorney, Shulman Rogers

Ashbaugh Beal

“Corporate Focus fits in seamlessly with our firm’s philosophy, which is being ultra-productive and making sure we’re working on the client’s biggest problems, always. They’re not being charged for picking up the phone to ask for a document that’s really theirs. We definitely have a sense of a tighter and better bond with our clients. We’re doing things to make their corporate governance lives easier, and they appreciate that.

“Corporate Focus puts us technologically ahead of the curve and allows us to compete with the bigger firms. We can do things for our clients that most firms of our size cannot do, and clients tell us how surprised they are by this level of service. That has been a real bonus.”

-Joseph M. Campos, Partner, Ashbaugh Beal

Bingham McHale LLP

“I think it’s safe to say that on more than one occasion, the ability to provide self-service capabilities through Corporate Focus was the tipping point for us being engaged by new corporate clients.

“Clients like that they can get in and look at their own files, and if they can’t find what they need, that’s when they pick up the phone. This has allowed them to create efficiencies in their own job responsibilities that have nothing to do with us. Plus, clients understand that the more they can do on their own, the less they have to call us, and the lower their legal bills become. Clients want to work with a law firm that helps them create their own efficiencies. In that regard, Corporate Focus has really become a client development tool for our firm.”

-Jeremy Hill, Partner, Bingham McHale LLP

Gesmer Updegrove LLP

“I can’t imagine managing the number of clients we have and the volume of information we need to keep track of without Corporate Focus. Most significant is our ability to do complex capitalization tracking, since we do so much financing work for our clients.

“We also have more immediate access to what a client needs when they’re on the phone, so we can answer questions more quickly and confidently. Our hours are more predictable and we are more efficient for each project.”

-Peter Moldave, Partner, Gesmer Updegrove LLP

Healthcare IP Partners

“When Healthcare IP Partners needed an online system for corporate governance tracking and stock plan management, I turned once again to Two Step Software. I knew their system was reliable and easy to use, since I had used it at other companies. Corporate Focus works flawlessly to provide fully-auditable FAS 123R valuation and expensing reports along with the related supporting documents. Two Step’s customer support team is top-notch and helped us get started quickly, with almost no learning curve.

“We now have great control over our corporate governance information and documents for more than seven companies, which means we can answer questions immediately for both employees and investors. The reporting capabilities have proved to be very powerful – not to mention the amount of money we have saved on legal fees.”

-Tom Kelly, Chief Financial Officer, Healthcare IP Partners

Pierce Atwood, LLP

“I think the power of Corporate Focus emerges when you’re at a critical juncture and you have access to all your corporate records in one place—rather than having to pull out a series of paper records or spreadsheets. The productivity piece really becomes clear when you don’t have associates scrambling around trying to reconcile records or find what they need.

“Having a database like Corporate Focus really takes you to a whole different level in terms of your ability to manage information, account for it over time, and access it rapidly. It’s a function of good corporate hygiene and it’s a function of risk management.”

-Christopher Howard, Partner, Pierce Atwood, LLP

Sterigenics International, Inc.

“Basically, we evaluated Two Step’s system and its costs and concluded that Corporate Focus was the most economically efficient product for us. I especially liked the way it connected and cross referenced corporate records and documents. With Corporate Focus, you just click on the relevant record and boom, all the related documents are there.”

-Corey Grauer, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Sterigenics International, Inc.


“I’ve practiced corporate law for 25 years and I’ve always dreamed of having something like Corporate Focus. It’s all here. Everything is thought of. All the problems, all the different types of entities, it’s all handled in Corporate Focus and handled well.”

-Scott L. Glickson, Partner, McGuireWoods

Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC

“Corporate Focus allows us to be competitive and to keep our sophisticated business clients happy. It allows us to compete head-to-head and to win business. Our investments in products like Corporate Focus and our active use of them has gotten us where we are today.”

-Donald Parker, Managing Partner, Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC

Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

“Today, Corporate Focus has become the way we track all our client interactions. It’s a diary or picture book for tracking not only information about the client entity, but what we have already done and need to do in the future for our clients.”

-Pamela Tyrrell, Business Paralegal, Spencer Fane

Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

“With Corporate Focus we create an electronic minute book and upload all relevant documents for each of our legal entities. The entity information can be viewed online or, by using the Reports feature, such information can be exported into a report that can be printed or forwarded electronically. Corporate Focus provides instant access to important entity information under critical time constraints.”

-Beth Sibley, Corporate Secretary, Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

Sonitus Medical, Inc.

“When we first got started, I was very impressed with the way Two Step implemented our new account. The set-up, transition, communication and everything went much quicker and easier than I had ever hoped. Our CFO was thrilled as well.

“I was also very impressed with the the look and feel of Equity Focus, including the pie charts. Other equity management programs I’ve used were much more basic and less user-friendly. I could definitely see my CEO and CFO using it for Board presentations or during fund raising.

“In short, kudos to all of you for making this happen. You can be assured, that I will certainly pass this along to all of my colleagues in the medical device industry.”

-Lynne Clarke, Director, Human Resources, Sonitus Medical, Inc.

Acuity Brands, Inc.

“Before we upgraded our system, we looked at competing products. We found that Corporate Focus was the best solution for a company our size. It gave us what we needed at the right price.”

-Jill Gilmer, Assistant Secretary,

Tonkon Torp LLP

“We’ve been a customer of Two Step Software for seven years and whether they’re answering a user question or working on a more technical challenge like moving servers or upgrading the system, Two Step’s support staff always provides personal service and goes the extra mile. When it’s time to renew our annual support, it’s the one of the few invoices I’m happy to pay.”

-Daniel Enroth, Chief Information Officer, Tonkon Torp LLP

Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.

“Corporate Focus helps to organize our corporate records department, allowing us to be more productive. It has really changed the way we do things. We have found that scanning the documents into CF has become a valuable resource. We’ve also expanded its use to the attorneys in our Benefits Department. They store the originals and the amendments to retirement plans and ESOP’s so that any attorney in the group can access the information at any time and perform work for the client. We really love the system.”

-Debra Rudolph, Records and Corporate Records Manager, Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.

Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin

“Clients trust me to keep their records straight, including producing accurate stock, option and cap table information. Corporate Focus enables me to accomplish those tasks easily and serve our clients better. Corporate Focus has helped me gain trust with our clients and within my own working group.”

-Audrey Fernandez-Elliott, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin

Tropical Shipping

“I love the changes you’ve made to Corporate Focus. You’ve done a great job.”

-Mary Blackford-Cherry, Corporate Paralegal, Tropical Shipping

Perkins Coie LLP and Affiliates

“Corporate Focus has a way of standardizing among all our offices the information we’re tracking on our clients. And that’s a good thing. We can access any client info from anywhere and track their officers and directors and the states in which they are qualified. That kind of information is something we need to know quickly and can get quickly out of Corporate Focus. My billable rate is high so I like to do things as efficiently as I can for my clients, especially since I am responsible for about 50 of the 6,000 clients in our database.”

-Judy Brandon, Paralegal, Perkins Coie LLP and Affiliates

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

“I find the ‘personal’ training provided in your web seminar very valuable. The ability to discuss questions immediately rather than by flipping through pages or (worse) scrolling through pages makes the information stick in the mind better and maintains the continuity of the learning. Two Step does an excellent job.”

-C. J. Charles, Paralegal, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

DLA Piper

“Either clients will call me, or attorneys asking on behalf of clients, and they will need the percentages of holdings in series of stock, a report generated, or they need me to email option reports for reconciliations. With Corporate Focus, I can supply that information easily and quickly.”

-Kathryn Lee, Paralegal, DLA Piper

NuGenesis Technologies Corporation

“I like the software, but I like the people who are there to answer my questions even more. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely determined to be of service. Corporate Focus let me finally dispense with my Excel spreadsheets!”

-Ardith Lynn Tennant, Paralegal, NuGenesis Technologies Corporation

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

“With Corporate Focus it is now possible to track our client’s corporate and securities information from a single source. Two Step has made it easy to use!”

-Lulu DeGuia, Paralegal, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

“We always wanted a program that would combine corporate, stock and option tracking and Two Step Software has delivered. Corporate Focus is one of the most user-friendly programs available plus the folks at Two Step are forever helpful, friendly and patient.”

-Josephine Cua, Paralegal, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Blank Rome LLP

“As a firm that had previously implemented its own corporate entity and ownership tracking system using our in-house programmers, when it became time to upgrade, we understood what kind of system would work well for our clients and for our firm. When we saw Corporate Focus, we immediately understood what the product could do for us, both in terms of saving us time and cost and in improving service to our wide range of clients. Two Step Software worked with us the whole way to ensure we made a smooth transition from our old system to the new one, always being responsive and very professional.”

-Robert Wert, Executive Director, Blank Rome LLP

Morrison & Foerster LLP

“Corporate Focus was unique in its ability to satisfy a broad selection of the features on our wish list, including both the tracking of stock options and convertible securities, as well as the printing of stock ledgers and capitalization tables.”

-Rhonda Fassbender-Rock, Senior Legal Assistant, Morrison & Foerster LLP