Corporate Paralegals Have Low Stress? Not Quite.

Stressed ParalegalRecently, Forbes Magazine published an article titled, “The Most Underrated Jobs,” listing paralegal as one of those jobs. The author claims that a paralegal position is “relatively low-stress, involves little contact with the public, and doesn’t require employees to breathe in toxic fumes or lift loads of 50 lbs. or more.”

I’m not sure what type of paralegal the author is referring to, but I can be certain it’s not a Corporate Paralegal working in a law firm or in-house legal department. Allow me to address each of the factors that landed paralegal in the number-one spot on’s list of most underrated jobs, according to the Forbes article.

  1. Relatively Low Stress – Corporate paralegals are often approached just before a closing with a minute book that hasn’t been touched in years. In order for the multimillion dollar deal to go through, the shareholder records must be updated, stock certificates must be printed, minutes must be generated, and cap tables must be created – all in a few short hours (no pressure, right?).
  2. Little contact with the public – Paralegals are regularly in contact with officers, directors and shareholders of multiple business entities along with their accountants and consultants – all calling and emailing with endless questions about the status of their corporation or ownership status. And of course, they always need the information ASAP.
  3. Don’t have to breathe toxic fumes – Working with old, dusty minute books of questionable origin in a small, enclosed room may not be toxic, but it sure can feel like it.
  4. No need to lift loads of 50 lbs or more – Maybe they don’t quite reach the 50-lb mark, but lugging five or six minute books or a banker’s box full of corporate documents from room to room at midnight is no easy task.

But truth be told, there is a way to make the corporate paralegal’s job lower-stress. Law firms and legal departments should consider investing in online information management systems which would allow paralegals and attorneys – and their clients – immediate access to all the answers and documents they need on a daily basis. Paralegals would be able to spend less time fielding calls and emails, and more time on tasks that truly add value for their employer.

In fact, if more law firms and legal departments started using online systems, like Corporate Focus, more of the factors mentioned in the Forbes article could become true. Here’s what I mean:

  1. No need to lift loads of 50 lbs. or more. Instead of working with boxes and books full of documents, an online system allows you to upload those documents and link them to all the company’s related entity and ownership data. When you need those documents for due diligence, a paralegal, attorney or client can access them with their laptop no matter where they are.
  2. Don’t have to breathe toxic fumes. When all the relevant corporate documents and closing binders are uploaded to an online system, three-ring binders and minute book storage rooms can become a thing of the past. No more dusty, outdated books.
  3. Little contact with the public. Paralegals will always be in close contact with clients, of course. But with an online system, the client can be given direct access to their corporate information and documents – so they can find what they need, when they need it.
  4. Relatively low-stress. An online system like Corporate Focus gives law firms and legal departments peace of mind in knowing that all the information they need is accurate and up-to-date – not to mention the easy-to-generate reports, stock ledgers, stock certificates and cap tables that can be ready in minutes, instead of hours.

If you’re interested in making the corporate paralegal job a little less stressful, take a look at
Corporate Focus and see what an online system can do for you.

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