What Customers Say

“For our privately-held company clients, Corporate Focus is very easy to use and ideal for their stock option expensing and reporting needs. Our firm interfaces regularly with our clients’ auditors and we’re always able to produce the reports, documentation and … More

Celeste Asbury, CPA

“In my prior experience at publicly-held companies, I knew all too well the importance of knowing not only the mechanics of stock option expensing calculations, but also how to quickly get my hands on the equity reports and documents I needed. I … More

Carol Lustenader
Co-Founder, Partner

“The support team at Corporate Focus really knows their stuff. A few months ago, I had to record a new set of grants in the system and they worked with me to make sure that I had the right settings … More

John McGhee

“Just in time for our year-end audit, I needed an equity reporting system that I could quickly and easily implement that would take the place of multiple spreadsheets. Not only did I get a powerful and intuitive product, I also … More

Jeffrey Geisenheimer

“I was in a position where I had to come up to speed on using Corporate Focus in a very short amount of time. During that time, I was really pleased to find that the support team at Corporate Focus … More

Ray Owen

What We Do

Simplify Your Equity Reporting

We Understand Private Companies Are Not Just Small Public Companies

Corporate Focus helps finance and legal professionals replace complex spreadsheets for equity reporting, accounting and compliance with a centralized online system for greater insight into their equity transactions.

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